Blood Donation Websites in India

In the time of need a few drops of blood is the only thing that makes a difference between life and death. Every two seconds, someone in the country is in need of blood, and there is a severe shortage of the same. The Indian healthcare system needs more blood donors – young people whose blood might save a life in some part of the country.

What is blood donation?

Blood donation is carried out when a person agrees to donate their blood for medical use. The donated blood is stored in blood banks and is given to the patients in the time of need, like at the time of a major operation.

Some facts about blood donation:

  • Blood is the life-maintaining fluid that circulates through the body’s heart, arteries, veins and capillaries.

  • Blood carries to the body nourishment, electrolytes, hormones, vitamins, antibodies, heat, and oxygen.

  • Blood donation never causes weakness after the process, if you have plenty of fluids and a proper meal you won’t even notice the difference

  • If you have B+ blood group, then please do not refrain from donation thinking your blood group is common, infact there is more need for it.

One can easily resume day to day activities after donation blood

However, if you have undergone a major operation, suffered from Hepatitis B in recent time, undergone any immunization in the past one month, have consumed alcohol in the past 24hrs, then one should refrain from donating blood. Generally it is advisable to have a physician check you before donating.

At the time of need the most important problem for patients is from where to source the blood, especially if they have a rare type. Below we have made a list of sites where you can post your requirements and are assured to get a response from:

  • Sakshum – The blood donor project is an initiative by Sakshum to maintain a coherent database of individuals, across India, willing to donate blood to the needy people. This project is completely an online initiatives and managed by volunteers all over India.

  • Friends to Support – This site has been active from 5 years and has successfuly crossed the benchmark of 80,000 donors.

  • Indian Blood Donors – From Adilabad to Yamuna Nagar, from the most common blood group to the rarest, the site has a huge database of blood donors.

  • Blood Donors – With over 2853 active donors, this site has a big database of pan India volunteers and can be quite useful.

  • Indian Blood Bank – Active over Gujarat 24×7.

The work being done by the above websites is commendable. They provide us with a huge databse of blood donors across India, and thus help the needy in getting access to the life-saver blood donor in a jiffy. Have you ever used them? Tell us about your experience. Also, get listed on them if you believe in the power of humanity, and in the spirit of donating.

Google – I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Today’s topic is one such tricky thing which will actually convert you into a Jedi master. Be a Jedi by learning these Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks.

So here goes the list. Try it out and be a Jedi Master.


Google Gravity


We all know that gravity is a force that pulls things down. Similarly, when we type Google gravity in the Google search bar the elements automatically starts falling.

Google Reverse/Mirror


When you write Google Reverse or Google mirror and hit the I’m Feeling lucky button you will see that the letters of the search giant and the entire page gets reversed.  More over if you type anything in the reversed search bar the entire search results will have a mirror effect.

Google Sphere


As soon as you enter Google Sphere and press I’m feeling lucky button you will see that the entire elements of the page will start revolving in a spherical form.



Google Epic

When you enter in the Google search bar the word Google Epic and hit on the I’m feeling lucky button you will notice that the page maximizes with time. Try it out now and find it for yourself.



Google Rainbow

Now this one’s my personal favorite. As soon as you enter the phrase Google rainbow and hit I’m feeling lucky button and you will notice all the elements of the page changing its color to that of a vibgyor.



Google Loco

Loco stands for crazy in Spanish. When you enter the phrase Google loco then you will notice that the elements of the page you’re directed towards will be jumping.



Google Annoying

You will be directed to an alternative Google home page brought by


Google Game


Google Pacman

You will find a series of Pacman themes and games when you type Google game in the search engine and hit on the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Easter Eegs

Similar to Google Pacman, you can also find some cool Easter theme and play the “Bunny Easter Eegs” when you key in the Google Easter Eegs in the search engine giant and hit on the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Magic

Now this one, as the name suggests, has some fishy traits. Key in the phrase Google magic and hit the I’m feeling lucky button. You will be directed towards a new Google home page brought to you by


Own Your Google Search Engine

Want to create your own logo just like the word Google appears on the top of the search bar? Just go to and enter the word of your5 choice. Try it out now for sure!


Google Chuck Norris

Keying in the phrase Google chuck Norris takes you to a landing page brought to you by which appears as if no results are found. But if you closely go thorugh its elements then you’d realize the difference.


Google Who’s the cutest

Find out who’s the cutest by keying in the above phrase in the search bar and hitting on the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Gothic

This gives you a series of gothic themes on hitting I’m feeling lucky button for you to enjoy.


Google Unusual Language

See what happens on applying the same procedure for the phrases given below and pour in your comments.


Google Mew:

Type “Ewmew fudd” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Hacker:

Type “google hacker“ or “google 133t” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Klingon:

Type  “google klingon” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Piglatin:

Type “google piglatin” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Bork:

Type “google bork” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Pirate:

Type “google pirate” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.


Google Chav:

Type “google chav” and click the I’m feeling lucky button.


When the Web helped Music (Infographic)

Here’s an infographic with just a few statistics on how we buy music today, highlighting the decline in physical sales and the increase in music consumption via mobile internet.

As you can see, according to, nearly 12 billion songs have now been downloaded from iTunes. If we assume the average MP3 file size is 6Mb, this amounts to a colossal 72, 000, 000, 000Mb of data.

According to the British Phonographic Industry, as cited by Mediatel in August, 98 per cent of singles sold are now bought digitally, with physical sales accounting for just 2 per cent.

Data from Ipsos Media CT, showed that in the last 12 months, a third of UK adults aged between 15 and 50-years-old had paid to download music from an official site.

Other statistics show that 36 per cent of UK YouTube users have bought a CD after watching a video on the site, 64 per cent of US iPhone users have downloaded music from their handset and that in the UK, and digital music sales grew by 32 per cent from 2008-09. Not bad, ha?

Go music junkies! Seems internet is proving to be the actual “Stairway to Heaven“.


Mobile Payment: Redefining Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is mobile payment redefining e-payment? Making payment online has become a revelation in terms of transactions being made these days. Mobile payment seems to be a step beyond card payment and a new step highlighting the efficacy of smartphones and faster network services. Topping all charts in this section is Paypal . The e-payment giants believe that people will stop using their wallets by the end of 2015.  Consequently, they have acquired Zong for 240 million USD as a step to emerge as global leaders in mobile payment.

If Paypal has acquired Zong, Google has launched Google Wallet. It is Google’s state-of-the-art mobile payment system and with Visa making smart investments in Square, the online payment business through mobiles itself is now worth 1.4 billion USD.

Here’s an infographic provided by G+ which gives an insight into the growing trends of online payment services through cell phones. They have also tracked expert opinions and carried out in-depth analyses to figure out the prospects of mobile payment. The infographic also shows comparison between various e-payment players providing mobile payment services.


TND advises its users to make efficient use of mobile payment services. Use secure login and avoid fraudulent websites to enrich your online payment experience.

Google+ : The sequel to ‘The Social Network’

What is making waves and creating lot of buzz is none other than Google’s latest attempt at breaking Facebook’s dominance over social networking. As with all Google products its in beta and its unlikely it would shed that tag anytime soon. Let’s dive directly into what Google+ is  , what its features are and why its here to stay whether you like it or not.

Google+ aims to be facebook but not quite. It’s primary features currently which are the selling points are –

Social Circles

It allows one to create and manage their contacts in respective groups so as to ensure privacy and relevance of what they share with whom. Also one aspect which people are overlooking are that it is a potential threat to Twitter which is exactly why the Following group exists.


It allows you to search up on topics of your choice and then you could share them if you like. It saves you from going hunting for information to share.


Group Chat . Self Explanatory.


Video conference with upto 10 people with an added ability chat and watch youtube videos. The gamechanger here being that skype offers a similar feature but for a price whereas Google does it for free.

The general experience so far has been great with Google+ but lonely as it would be time before all your friends are over. At the moment they are trickling in.

The future for Google+ is very encouraging since whether we like it or hate , we can’t avoid it..not with the black bar at top following us wherever we go be it Gmail or just normal search. What Google has at disposal Facebook can’t compete with, it already has Google Groups to integrate as Groups , Google Calendar to integrate events , Gmail/Gtalk integrated messages and with questions and games already in pipeline, we can be assured that this is just the start a pretty good one at that!




2015 – The Zettabyte Age (Infographic)

This is an infographic regarding the dawning age of zettabytes; all thanks to Cisco.

First things first, what exactly is a zettabyte? Each zettabyte is 1,000 exabytes. No? One exabyte = 1,000 petabytes. One petabyte = 1,000 terabytes. One terabyte (you may be starting to feel the ocean floor now) is 1,000 gigabytes. See, you can breathe again now.

Cisco sees the movement towards the exabyte as an inevitable endpoint of the growth in video traffic online. Its analysis suggests that we’ll have shifted into the zettabyte age by 2015.To place that amount of volume in more practical terms, an exabyte alone has the capacity to hold over 36,000 years worth of HD quality video…or stream the entire Netflix catalog more than 3,000 times. A zettabyte is equivalent to about 250 billion DVDs. Woah! Thats a lot of movies and videos.

This image below shows how Cisco sees the change in traffic in next four years; how US is the biggest user and China, well, the biggest accelerator.

Of course – to put some perspective on it – at that point some of us may still be struggling with 2 megabit/s connections. The zettabyte era might pass us by. But here is what it looks like, from Cisco’s point of view.

Recover an Unsaved MS Word 2010 Document – The Best Way to Recover Word Documents with Ease

When you are working on a Microsoft Office Software – be it Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, I’d recommend saving the document from time-to-time. Say, every time you update the document, don’t forget to save it. You can also use Ctrl+S to save it.

But what would you do when your Windows system crashes? Then, you don’t have time to save your documents and they are most likely to be lost.

Here, I will tell you how to recover an unsaved MS Word document. Restoring your work was never this easy. This feature is sadly available in Microsoft 2010 only and will allow you to recover the unsaved draft in seconds.

The Best Way to Recover Word Documents with Ease – Just Bring back the Draft

This sample document will be deliberately used to demonstrate how to recover an unsaved document. The demonstration will be sufficient for MS Word, MS Excel and even MS Powerpoint (all of MS Office 2010).

Okay, so when you Word file is accidentally closed without being saved, do not worry and open a new MS Word document. File -> Info -> Manage Versions.

By clicking on the dropdown menu, you can recover an MS Word 2010 document by selecting Recover Unsaved Documents, a MS Excel 2010 document by choosing Recover Unsaved Workbooks and a MS Powerpoint 2010 document by selecting Recover Unsaved Presentations.

MS Word will open the location of the draft copy.  Select the draft you need, and then it will be opened in a new MS Word document. Do not forget to save it properly by clicking on File -> Save As this time around.

These copies’ backups are kept for 4 days after which they are dumped to no computer’s land.


The Open and Repair feature could be used when you open the doc. It can repair and then recover the corrupted MS Word documents having troubleshoot issues.

Browse to the following file locations if you are confident enough to open the file manually. Opening it from these locations will also help you recover the unsaved document.

For Windows 7/Windows Vista go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\<Application_Name>

For Windows XP go to C:\Documents and Settings\<username> \Application Data\Microsoft\<App Name>

Have fun in MS Office. Check out The Noob Diary’s awesome collection of –












A World Without Facebook (Infographic)

Yes we might be a tad late on this one, as we’ve been really busy understanding the reader’s needs and analysing what topics you folks love to read about. But still, have a look at what we found out for you. A special infograph showcasing the comparison between a world with Facebook in it and a world without Facebook.



Love Facebook? Check the best tools to download photos from Facebook.

Nokia – Losing Dominance

Nokia sold fewer mobile phones than Samsung in Europe in the first three months of the year. Not just smartphones, the entire mobile phone market. The Finnish king is has been overthrown, relegated to second place with Apple, BlackBerry and HTC snapping hard at its heels.

This is huge news, not just because it’s the end of an era that’s lasted from the beginning of mass uptake of mobile until now, but also because it finally provides an answer to those people who look dismissively at handsets that provide a range of services and haughtily declare that all real people want to do is punch in a number and talk.

Smartphone shipments increased 76 per cent year-on-year and now make up 47 per cent of total sales, despite their higher cost, greater complexity and larger size. Barring a very strange and unexpected volte-face in the buying public’s attitudes, more smartphones than featureless mobiles will be sold from now on.

Nokia will introduce Windows Phone 7 on their handsets soon but, given the poor sales of Windows phones from other manufacturers, it’s unlikely that they’ll be saved from sliding sales figures and an increasingly sidelined place in the mobile landscape. Like millions of other people my first mobile – a 3210 bought to tell my mum that I’ll be late from my coaching class – was a Nokia, but demands on technology move on.

Talking is now just one of the few things we want a phone for, and probably the least exciting. Whenever this has been suggested before, either online or in the pub, someone’s been sure to pipe up with the comment that their phone has this fantastic new feature where they dial a number, a voice comes from the other end. Now, once everyone’s sides have recovered from the laughter-induced aching, there are some figures on the side of the future.